Market Wrap-Up for Jan.7 (SCHN, NEM, GES, CME, UNP, INTC, more)

We’re very happy to see that our subscribers are increasingly purchasing Premium subscriptions for their friends and loved ones in the form of gifts. A gift subscription to our service is a great idea, but I don’t want it to just stop there. As my kids get older, my goal is to set up time each week to teach them in easily digestible ways what they need to learn about money. I’m going to draw the lessons from the “Learn to be Rich” section of our site, as well as from our “Investing Videos” section. Of course, I could tell them to just watch the videos, but there is something to be said when it comes to engaging in a dialogue directly with your children. I know I’ll need some patience, as it can sometimes take a little time to absorb the rationale for how money works and what it is spent on and why. Whether you have children, younger relatives, or anyone that you want to help mentor about money, the idea is to consistently make time each week or month and go over one topic at a time. Growing up as a kid, talking about money never really happened at my kitchen table. My dad would talk about his day at the barber shop and if it was busy or slow, but we never got into details on how much money he made, and how the bills got paid. I had no clue what our status was financially until my dad bought his first house at age 36 — that was when we felt like we’d “made it.” I don’t want my own kids to be in the dark for most of their early lives about money, as I was. Please think about doing the same, and you can start by going through a lot of the material on Also, when my book Be a Dividend Millionaire comes out (eBook this February, hardcover in May), I’m sure you’ll find it a simple and easy-to-understand read. I purposely made it that way so almost anyone can …

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Market Wrap-Up for Jan.7 (SCHN, NEM, GES, CME, UNP, INTC, more)

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