Revisiting [The say when you don’t fall on bearish news, you’re not bearish]

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This was our article yesterday about Crude and very the first line reads “This certainly then holds true for Crude [At least for NOW] which we have found to be on bid ever since the Saudi King flew to U.S for medical attention”. The API figures were bearish on Tuesday and Energy market [clearly] discounted them altogether as the street finds the API figures “erratic” at [times] however, on Wednesday DOE numbers come and they came and yet absolutely nothing happened to Crude rather on a bearish news as the street was of consensus that inventories would decline they increased as we had anticipated them to increase but Crude took it as a bitter pill, shut close its eyes and then focused on the earlier U.S Economic data of which it had paid absolutely no heed to and shot up like a cannon. Certainly there were no prisoners taken yesterday as all stop orders went and the shorts were forced to be a part of buying frenzy as in order for them to square their trades they had to “Buy” thus further putting a bid on crude. We could compare Crude WTI’s move to that of Gold which took place day before when Gold spontaneously came to life and pushed from $1,365 to $1,382 which is a gain of 1.24% whereas Crude’s move yesterday was 2.92% or 2.35 times stronger than that of Gold. Can we explain this move except that Crude pushed up because North Koreans do not seem to be backing down? Or that Crude pushed higher because the Jobless claims finally have broken the lower side of

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Revisiting [The say when you don’t fall on bearish news, you’re not bearish]

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