Sen. Harry Reid key player in Big Pharma’s control over Washington

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Mike Adams Natural News Aug 13, 2010 Corruption in Washington is nothing new. Lobbyists for special interests have been padding the pockets of amoral politicians for longer than most of us have been alive, and they’ve been doing so with the help of a controlled media that rarely presents the facts without shrouding them in terms of “left” or “right” in order to confuse people. But as you’ll see in this story, the corruption goes far deeper than most people realize, and a perfect example of this is the dishonorable legacy of Nevada Senator and U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Reid was recently exposed for accepting large sums of money from Big Pharma in order to craft and guide the recently-passed health care bill in Big Pharma’s favor. Reid’s political career dates back to the 1960s. He’s been a member of Congress since 1982, and a Nevada Senator since 1986. And since the early days of his career, Reid has been accepting contributions from lobbyists as payment for political favors. One of the earliest stories I found about Reid accepting money from lobbyists is a 1987 Washington Post article about how Reid and several other Nevada politicians had accepted money from mob sources that had connections to the Nevada gaming industry . (The full text of the article is available for purchase, but the part about Reid is visible in the abstract for free). In 2006, Reid ranked tenth in Judicial Watch’s Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians . According to the allegations, he failed to report a $700,000 land deal to Congress, and accepted $30,000 in bribe money from Nevada Indian gaming. Again in 2007, Reid made the same top ten list . This time, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times that year, Reid abused his power in Washington to negotiate a lucrative real estate deal for developer Havey Whittemore. The same report explained that Whittemore had contributed “tens of thousands of dollars” to Reid’s campaign, and hired Reid’s son, Leif, to act as the company’s lawyer in order to “negotiate” the deal with federal officials. Having A Supply Of Healthy Foods That Last Just Makes Sense There are likely other historical scandals involving Reid, but these should give you a taste of the type of activities in which you might typically find him engaged. (And you may want to check out Judicial Watch for yourself to see who else is on these lists; you might be surprised to see that politicians from both sides of the aisle regularly appear there). But the biggest issue I want to bring to your attention is Harry Reid’s open and obvious connections to Big Pharma, particularly in relation to the recent health care bill. This is perhaps the most damning and far-reaching scandal in Reid’s history yet, illustrating just how powerful Big Pharma is when it comes to controlling Washington for its own gain. Big Pharma used politicians like Harry Reid to steer health care reform According to a recent Washington Examiner article , Big Pharma has had its tentacles deeply intertwined in health legislation for years, and the industry has been involved in virtually …

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Sen. Harry Reid key player in Big Pharma’s control over Washington

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