The Metal People are Dying For

Maybe the weak are simply being weeded from the gene pool so the strong may survive… This theory might help explain why people keep electrocuting themselves to death, cutting into live power lines to extract copper. Stories of deaths related to copper thefts have been all over the news: Last summer, a 42-year-old Appalachian man died while trying to steal copper from a live power line. Charleston Daily Mail reported “American Electric Power says copper thieves are becoming increasingly brazen, and their tactics have resulted in four deaths so far this year in the Appalachian service region.” An Illinois man hit a live wire while scrapping for copper last fall and was electrocuted. Police said this is a recent trend, with similar activity in Granite City, Venice, Brooklyn, Washington Park, and Belleville. In October, a couple from Southern California attempted to steal copper from an electrical vault. The man was electrocuted to death; the woman suffered severe burns from attempts to pull the man from the vault when it exploded. And just last month , a man attempted cutting live copper wires with a bolt cutter. He suffered from electric shock and fell 30 feet from his ladder, later dying at a Charlotte hospital. I could go on, but I think you get the point. I guess these people aren’t bright enough to know that rather than risk electrocution, it’s easier to rob someone’s house and …

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The Metal People are Dying For

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