The Miracle of Regenerative Medicine

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Tall, dark, and handsome… Dr. Anthony Atala is not a guy you could easily mistake for Dr. Frankenstein. Yet, in his white lab coat, Atala is doing exactly what author Mary Shelley wrote about so long ago. A mad scientist in his own right, he is busy growing body parts in his Wake Forest lab. A finger here, a bladder there, Atala is currently growing dozens of different tissues. And from heart valves to muscles to ears, his Institute for Regenerative Medicine is literally about to turn the world on its head. Working at one of the world’s largest research facilities dedicated to regenerative medicine, the modern Dr. Frankenstein is adamant that his research will one day replace diseased or damaged tissue using homegrown replacement parts. After all, as Dr. Atala often pondered, “A salamander can grow back its leg, why can’t a human do the same?” Now, some twenty-four years later, that notion is no longer just a wild hypothetical; it’s a feat of modern science, stripped from the pages of a 194-year-old novel. Today, regenerative medicine stocks are the companies to watch as this amazing new technology unfolds. The promise of regenerative medicine Take the story of Claudia Castillo, for instance. In 2008, this 30-year-old mother of two became the first patient to receive a whole organ transplant without the need for powerful anti-rejection drugs. Damaged by a bout of tuberculosis, her entire windpipe was repaired with a replacement part created with the help of her own stem cells. And given the choice between losing a lung or becoming a guinea pig for a radical new medical technique, Castillo chose the latter— becoming one of the pioneers for future regenerative surgeries. Her life these days is not only back to normal… She recently called her doctors from a nightclub to tell them she had been out dancing all night. Before the ground-breaking surgery, Castillo could barely climb the stairs. Claudia’s story is just the beginning… In fact Dr. Atala’s team is currently working on re-growing over 23 different organs including the liver, heart, kidney, and bladder. Along the way, they have conquered a number of milestones in the field. From the website , these firsts include: Developing biological strategies to enable certain human cell types that were previously thought not to be expandable outside the body to be grown in…

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The Miracle of Regenerative Medicine

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