Jimmy Carter Says US More Polarized Than During Civil War

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T. Christopher Republican Redefined Tuesday, September 21, 2010 In a day where Jimmy Carter stole headlines for referring to his own tenure post-presidency as “superior” to that of other presidents, I thought it was somewhat disappointing that his real mind-bender was seemingly overlooked – even though it came in the very same interview as his other absolutely ridiculous comments.  Remarking on the “state” of the United States, after being asked by Brian Williams if he views it as “glass half-full or half-empty”, Carter said he thought President Obama suffers from a Washington that has become more polarized than it was during the time of Abraham Lincoln and the “initiation of the ‘war between the states.’” “This country has become so polarized that its almost astonishing….  Not only with the red and blue states…  President Obama suffers from the most polarized situation in Washington that we have ever seen – even maybe than the time of Abraham Lincoln and the initiation of the war between the states.” Skip to 2:25…. I was just going to let this go after referencing these remarks in another post , but after my brain really came to terms with the enormity of what he was saying there, I couldn’t help but give it a home of its own.  ”Washington is more polarized than during the time of Abraham Lincoln”.  Lets just explore the ridiculousness of that notion. Even if we give Carter the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant “Washington” to only include those doing business in our nations capital rather than the political tone of the nation generally, this is still among the most ridiculous things I have ever heard – rivaling only claims as ridiculous as …. “Eminem is the most influential musician in American history”, ” Tiger Woods is a faithful husband”; “Paula Deen makes light and healthy treats”; or “The casts of Jersey Shore, Celebrity Rehab, or  Kourtney and Khloe Take Miam i have cultural relevance.” I mean are you kidding me?  So, the representatives of the soon-to-be Confederate states that seceded from the Union were more cooperative with their respective Pro-Union counterparts than Republicans and Democrats of 2010?  Newsflash to Jimmy Carter on the fifth planet from the Crazy Star…   they seceded .  They waged a war against the people they disagreed with!!  You can call it a “war between the states” – rather than a civil war – or THE CIVIL WAR – if you’d like – you goofy and misguided revisionist historian, but seriously; what the hell was that “ WAR between the states” all about? Full story here.

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Jimmy Carter Says US More Polarized Than During Civil War

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