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Gold: The Ultimate Inflation Hedge – Telegraph.co.uk | THE HOTTEST …

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He said: “It can also be difficult to access as an asset class: many people end up buying funds that are largely invested in mining stocks , which don’t always reflect gold prices accurately.” Other options include buying gold bullion or …

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Why GLD Is My Choice Over Every Other Stock and ETF

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Investors are looking for a safe place to put their money – an asset class they can “touch” and possibly trade even when no organized marketplace exists. That of course is the worst-case scenario and I do not believe it will get that far but the possibility is there and gold seems to achieve peace of mind for investors at the moment. As such, for me, GLD would be the only stock or ETF I would buy if I could own just one. Words: 843

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What'S Driving Gold? | Gold Investment Guide

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Falling under the precious metals asset class, gold is a monetary metal whose price is determined by various factors. Among these factors are: inflation, fluctuations in the dollar and U.S. stocks , currency-related crises, interest rate … The gold market is highly liquid and there are many ways that investors can own gold. The most traditional way of owning gold is via gold bullion like gold bars and coins. When buying the physical asset, many people buy gold coins, …

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