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Fury as David Cameron Apes Blair with £1m ‘Sofa Squad’ of Unelected Advisers

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‘David Cameron was last night accused of snubbing his own Cabinet by reviving Tony Blair’s heavily-criticised policy of running No 10 by ‘sofa diplomacy’ with a new £1 million team of unelected advisers. The high-powered Downing Street recrui…

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Britain Set For Hung Parliament

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The Sun Thursday, May 6, 2010 BRITAIN is heading for a hung parliament with the Conservatives the largest party, according to a TV exit poll tonight. Tory leader David Cameron was left tantalisingly close to the door of Downing Street with his party on 307 seats – 19 short of an overall majority. Gordon Brown’s Labour would have 255 seats and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats would have 59 seats, according to the poll. (ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW) The BBC/ITV News/Sky News poll interviewed 18,000 voters, who had already cast their ballot, at 130 polling stations across the UK. Exit polls are analysed by a team of voting experts and statisticians in order to produce the 10pm final forecast. At the last election an exit poll commissioned by the BBC and ITV News forecast a Labour majority of 66 – the correct prediction. Full story here.

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Gordon Brown ordered to ‘curb volcanic temper’ after he was accused of abusing Downing Street staff

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Simon Walters Daily Mail Sunday, February 21, 2010 Britain’s top civil servant ordered Gordon Brown to ‘curb your volcanic temper’ after complaints that he was abusive to his Downing Street staff, it was revealed last night. The unprecedented rebuke, delivered by Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell, emerged amid explosive disclosures about Mr Brown’s wild and violent outbursts. The Prime Minister was forced to go on television last night to deny he had physically assaulted his aides as a new book claimed. (ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW) The bombshell revelations, some of which were reported by The Mail on Sunday three weeks ago, feature in The End Of The Party, a new book by respected political journalist Andrew Rawnsley. This newspaper has also uncovered new evidence of Mr Brown’s extraordinary eruptions, including an incident in which he hurled a tirade of foul-mouthed abuse at Bank of England Governor Mervyn King in a stand-up row. A ranting Mr Brown lashed out at Mr King’s ‘****ing ego’ and accused him of talking ‘****ing bull****’ in a heated confrontation at an economic summit in America. Full story here.

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Global bank tax near, says Brown

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Gordon Brown said on Wednesday the world’s leading economies were close to agreeing a global bank tax, amid hopes in Downing Street that a deal can be concluded at the G20 summit in Canada in June. Mr Brown believes that opinion has shifted decisively in favour of a globally co-ordinated tax after President Barack Obama’s move last month to raise $90bn (£57.7bn) from a US bank levy. Gordon Brown The tax could cost the financial services sector tens of billions of pounds a year. The prime minister has strongly advocated some kind of charge on banks. “I’m interested in the… Original Article: Forum: News/Activism

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Brown bans cameras from No10 portrait unveiling… After all, Thatcher might not win votes

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Gordon Brown has banned television cameras from the unveiling of a portrait of Margaret Thatcher in Downing Street amid suspicions he is terrified of unflattering comparisons of their records. Baroness Thatcher will effectively stage her own No 10 reunion when the painting by distinguished Royal artist Richard Stone is displayed in public for the first time. Most of the guests served with her in her Downing Street heyday – with Mr Brown the only Labour politician present. No10 could not explain why the ceremony would take place behind closed doors. Friends of Lady Thatcher said she had no objection to… Original Article: Forum: News/Activism

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