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Wealth Preservation 2011 | Adrian Ash | Safehaven.com

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Just so we’re straight, nothing is certain to work, not forever. Not cash, bonds, stocks , real estate, commodities or gold bullion . Whatever your finance advisor, economics professor, banker or coin dealer might tell you …

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Dow sinking after our Dec 13th target

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On Dec 13th we wrote that we see Dow breaking the previous peak at 11,460s and pushing ahead to mid 11,700 however, this breakout wouldn’t be a typical break as the index would be stuck between 11,460 and 11,550 which we referred to as the jitter zone and only after clearing the jitter zone it shall rise and post a high of mid 11,700. As we wrote in our January 3rd Newsletter that on the first trading day of the new year Dow breaks 11,700 and we erred to the sidelines for our target was almost in sight however, yesterday we went short of Dow as our target of nearly fully achieved and we now sit quietly with our 1 unit short on the Index. We also went bearish of FTSE on its first day of the trading of the year on Tuesday and in our Jan 5th newsletter gave a sell call on FTSE as well for it too gave a made a new high inline with our expectations and thus we are 1 unit short of FTSE as well. We maintain our corrective bearish stance on the equities as the profits have been marked and regardless of the markets going higher during the year what matters is when you buy and when you sell and we feel the time right now is to sell and not hold on to those long positions. By Bari Baig At www.marketprojection.net we make real time forecasts of commodities, currencies and equities

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WikiLeaks cables: Saudi princes throw parties boasting drink, drugs and sex

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Heather Brooke London Guardian Dec 9, 2010 In what may prove a particularly incendiary cable, US diplomats describe a world of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll behind the official pieties of Saudi Arabian royalty. Jeddah consulate officials described an underground Halloween party, thrown last year by a member of the royal family, which broke all the country’s Islamic taboos. Liquor and prostitutes were present in abundance, according to leaked dispatches, behind the heavily-guarded villa gates. The party was thrown by a wealthy prince from the large Al-Thunayan family. The diplomats said his identity should be kept secret. A US energy drinks company also put up some of the finance. “Alcohol, though strictly prohibited by Saudi law and custom, was plentiful at the party’s well-stocked bar. The hired Filipino bartenders served a cocktail punch using sadiqi, a locally-made moonshine,” the cable said. “It was also learned through word-of-mouth that a number of the guests were in fact ‘working girls’, not uncommon for such parties.” Full article here Stock up for the Holidays with eFoods Direct and get FREE Shipping!

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The Best Signal of All: Railroad Stocks

It’s increasingly likely that stock prices will keep their positive bias going into 2011. That is, if there isn’t a major shock to the system like a new war or sovereign debt default. At the end of the day, the earnings picture, along with accommodative monetary policy, is supportive of rising stock prices. Goldman Sachs

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The Omnibus Bond Market Action: What it Means for Investors

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Could the unthinkable be happening in the U.S. bond market? Yesterday, the U.S. Treasury Department sold just over $30.0 billion in three-year treasury notes and it wasn’t seeing the action it’s used to seeing. There is usually more demand for treasuries than what the government offers. But, yesterday, demand was only 2.9 times the amount

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My 12 Biggest Blogging Mistakes

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What’s that old saying? Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I have found that to be the case in so many different areas of my life. It’s true in my social life as well as my blogging career. Today, I thought that I would take time to share a My 12 Biggest Blogging Mistakes is a post from:

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Irish Relief Fleeting as `Day of Reckoning’ Nears

Borrowing costs for Europe’s most indebted nations are at record highs as Ireland’s capitulation in accepting a bailout of its banking industry stokes concern that other countries also will have to seek aid. “It’s no longer taboo to speak about a restructuring,” said Johannes Jooste, a portfolio strategist at Bank of America Corp.’s Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management (*at least their in good hands !) Irish Relief Fleeting as `Day of Reckoning’ Nears Borrowing costs for Europe’s most indebted nations are at record highs as Ireland’s capitulation in accepting a bailout of its banking industry stokes concern that other countries also will have to seek aid. The average yield for 10-year debt from Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy reached 7.57 percent today, a euro- era record. The average premium investors demand to hold those securities instead of German bunds widened to as much as 492 basis points, the highest level of 2010. The average cost of insuring against default by the five nations using credit- default swaps reached a record 517 basis points on Nov. 23. “It’s no longer taboo to speak about a restructuring,” said Johannes Jooste, a portfolio strategist at Bank of America Corp.’s Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management in London, which oversees about $1.4 trillion for clients. “The fact that bond yields continue to rise and put pressure on countries that have to fund from the market makes investors less and less confident, and it’s bringing forward the day of reckoning.” The Nov. 22 relief rally after Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen conceded that the nation needed financial support proved transient. Irish 10-year bond yields fell 4 basis points, before jumping 104 basis points as of 3:13 p.m. in London today, exceeding 9 percent for the first time since 1995. The euro’s respite was more fleeting; the bailout inspired a 0.8 percent gain for the currency before it slumped to …

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Sprint currently trades at $1.79 pre share. The telecommunications giant is losing subscribers and saddled with debt. Copyright 2008 This feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. The use of this feed on other websites breaches copyright. If this content is not in your news reader, it makes the page you are viewing an Sprint is a post from:

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The beef fundamentals remain strong moving into December.

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LEAN HOGS Good morning. Lean hog futures rallied on Wednesday with prices testing resistance levels and reaching toward new recent highs in most of the hog contracts. Some talk and concerns about ASF (African swine fever) in Russia was cited as one reason for the board strength on Wed. Keep in mind this is not a new development or a new story. Russia has been fighting this disease problem for months. It seems Russia continues to have a difficult time expanding pork production to self sufficient levels as desired. Repeating; this is not a new story but it did crop up on the news Wed to partly justify the board rally. Cash hog prices were higher on Wed and they’re called fully steady to higher again today. Packers will be expanding the Sat kill effort as pork processing margins remain very profitable. The pork cutout was up .30 on Wed. I suspect the pork fundamentals, moving forward into Dec are not going to be strong enough to justify the fabulous board premiums. The latest CME lean hog index stands at 6350. Dec futures settled Wed at 7037. This contract expires in 20 days. I’m moving my spec traders as well as my hedge customers into short positions in the Dec through Aug hogs. LIVE CATTLE The impressive action, both technically and fundamentally, remained in place during Wed’s trading session. Both live cattle and feeder cattle futures closed higher. The live cattle absorbed several rounds of profit taking type selling but the board still closed higher. Feeder futures continue to grind through resistance levels with the next major resistance pegged at 120. Open interest was higher in both fats and feeders on the strength Wed. The impressive jump in the cash steer market this week has been the driving force. Evidently the beef packer, short bought, is feeling strong demand for product. Cattle continue to be pulled ahead with November the marketing pace likely substantially larger than last year. The recent cattle-on-feed report, pegging on-feed inventory at 103% of last year, is likely the peak inventory. If the Dec live cattle contract takes out the massive double top on the chart, this will open up the market for a move to 10700. I’m bullish and trading live cattle futures from the long side. If you’re not satisfied with your current brokerage relationship, give me a call or send me an email. dennis.smith@archerfinancials.com 877.377.7905

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Revisiting [The say when you don’t fall on bearish news, you’re not bearish]

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This was our article yesterday about Crude and very the first line reads “This certainly then holds true for Crude [At least for NOW] which we have found to be on bid ever since the Saudi King flew to U.S for medical attention”. The API figures were bearish on Tuesday and Energy market [clearly] discounted them altogether as the street finds the API figures “erratic” at [times] however, on Wednesday DOE numbers come and they came and yet absolutely nothing happened to Crude rather on a bearish news as the street was of consensus that inventories would decline they increased as we had anticipated them to increase but Crude took it as a bitter pill, shut close its eyes and then focused on the earlier U.S Economic data of which it had paid absolutely no heed to and shot up like a cannon. Certainly there were no prisoners taken yesterday as all stop orders went and the shorts were forced to be a part of buying frenzy as in order for them to square their trades they had to “Buy” thus further putting a bid on crude. We could compare Crude WTI’s move to that of Gold which took place day before when Gold spontaneously came to life and pushed from $1,365 to $1,382 which is a gain of 1.24% whereas Crude’s move yesterday was 2.92% or 2.35 times stronger than that of Gold. Can we explain this move except that Crude pushed up because North Koreans do not seem to be backing down? Or that Crude pushed higher because the Jobless claims finally have broken the lower side of

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Thanks to Thanksgiving Euro and Cable can rest today [again]

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Today is a “Thanks Giving” holiday in U.S and all markets and all businesses are closed then. Thanksgiving is considered to one of the favorite holidays amongst Americans as it celebrated with family and friends. Origins of thanksgiving maybe religious as it was celebrated to thank for a good harvest now however, it has turned into a secular holiday and is more casually known for Turkey eating or Turkey Day. U.S is then closed and who would benefit more from this then Euro! As we had anticipated yesterday to be calmer day for Euro, that is pretty much what is happening with Euro as Euro traded 1.34000s and corrected itself back down to where it started from [Low 1.33s]. We’d take that as a neutral day a much calmer day then for Euro especially after what had happened a day earlier however, as Euro made a top around 1.34s which was as per our expectation and stated in article [Calmer Day for Euro] what we found interesting was as Euro started to trade lower not precisely on good U.S economic data as Green Back itself didn’t strengthen the Dollar Index was fluttering at best, the Euro Meltdown news and “sentiment” sprang up which we feel saved the day for Euro as “specs” stops went off only to find that Euro would continue the sideways move. Do we disagree with the current Euro situation, absolutely not! We do not find it to be breaking the lows it posted during early Asian trading yesterday of 1.329s. Does it then mean we are stepping back from our view of Euro that it shall break 1.33s, it shall go on to break 1.30s and that it should not find support before 1.28s? No we aren’t we very much stand by it. A drop to 1.28…

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Daily Forecast: November 25

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Daily Forecast: November 25

EURUSD Forecast The EURUSD was volatile but indecisive yesterday. I think as long as price stays below 1.3446 the nearest bias remains bearish testing 1.3260 and the lower line of the bullish channel which is the key support area at this phase where some buying interest could be seen around that area. A violation to the bullish channel would be a threat to the long term bullish outlook and could be an early signal of a new long term bearish outlook. CCI still in negative territory on h4 chart indicates the bearish pressure is still potential. GBPUSD Forecast The GBPUSD was volatile but indecisive yesterday. The bias remains bearish in nearest term but need a clear break below 1.5750 to continue the bearish pressure testing 1.5650 area. Immediate resistance at 1.5850. Break above that area could lead us to neutral zone in nearest term testing 1.5900 – 1.5950 but as long as price moves inside the bearish channel we are still in bearish phase. CCI still in negative territory on h4 chart suggests that the bearish pressure is still potential. USDJPY Forecast The USDJPY had a moderate bullish momentum yesterday but still trapped in range area of 82.84 – 83.70 and still need a clear break on either side to see clearer direction. Aggressive intra-day traders may short around 83.70 or long around 82.84 with tight stop loss. I personally prefer to stand aside and maintain my wait and see mode until we have a clear break from the range area. A clear break above 83.70 could trigger further bullish continuation testing 84.70 while a break below 82.84 could trigger further bearish pressure testing 82.40 – 81.95 support area. USDCHF Forecast The USDCHF was volatile yesterday but overall still showed no significant technical movement and still trapped in range area of 1.0000 – 0.9850. I am still in wait and see mode until we have a clear break from the range area. So far price still able to maintain position above the triangle so I am expecting a break to the upside. Aggressive intra-day traders may short around 1.0000 or long around 0.9850 with tight stop loss. Clear break above 1.0000 could trigger further bullish continuation targeting 1.0182 area. Immediate support at 0.9920/00. Break below that area could trigger further bearish pressure testing 0.9850 but only a clear break below 0.9850 could be a threat to the bullish outlook testing 0.9800 – 0.9750. Have a great day!

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