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Lastest How To Buy Gold Bullion News | Old School Economics

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It’s time to buy gold stocks . Top-down “macro” analysis indicates that the bull market in gold stocks still has a long way to go. And bottom- up analysis tells me that gold stocks are cheap. Buying opportunities in this asset class will …

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'Fear and Love Make Gold Strong' | SHOUTing GORIlla

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This hopefully has reversed the trend of the last couple years where bullion outperformed the stock . Junior gold mining companies, on average, returned roughly twice the gain of gold bullion , but some of those names were fairly silver …

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Wealth Preservation 2011 | Adrian Ash | Safehaven.com

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Just so we’re straight, nothing is certain to work, not forever. Not cash, bonds, stocks , real estate, commodities or gold bullion . Whatever your finance advisor, economics professor, banker or coin dealer might tell you …

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Bambuser blocked in Egypt (Live video site)

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The Swedish live video streaming site Bambuser says its service has been blocked in Egypt. The site, which provides live video from mobile phones and webcams, says the interruption began Tuesday, shortly after the start of unprecedented nationwide demonstratons against the 30 year rule of President Hosni Mubarak. Måns Adler, who founded the site in 2007, tells AFP he is convinced the Egyptian government is behind the blockage. “The Internet provider is probably the one that can deny access to different websites and services,” he says, “but in this case we believe that the Egyptian government has asked the Internet providers to shut down a range of services.” The Swedish website is reportedly very popular in Egypt, where Egyptians use it to stream videos directly from their country. During the general elections there late last year, some 10,000 videos filmed in the country were posted on Bambuser It was earlier reported that the micro-blogging site Twitter has been blocked in Egypt. Social media were instrumental in the recent wave of protests in Tunisia.

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Agent Orange victim loses health coverage over 2-cent shortfall

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A Vietnam veteran suffering from a bone cancer blamed on exposure to Agent Orange was dropped from his health insurance for a two-cent shortfall on a premium payment, only to have the insurance reinstated when the story became public. Ronald Flanagan o…

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“Obama has done a horrible job and he is dishonest” – Marc Faber on Bloomberg 01/25/11

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%excerpt% Go here to read the rest: “Obama has done a horrible job and he is dishonest” – Marc Faber on Bloomberg 01/25/11

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Obama’s TSA pat-downs joke infuriates ACLU

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During his third State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Barack Obama cracked a joke about TSA pat-downs – and earned an immediate rebuke from the ACLU.

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Interested in Gold Bullion Coins? | Gold Current

The stock market is home to most investments made in today’s business climate. Nonetheless, a lot of people are embracing silver as a way to invest for the future. Here is some advice if you’re thinking about buying gold bullion bars or …

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Gold Investments: Why I Jumped in and Bought Twice this Week

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How easily we forget— gold bullion started 2010 at a price of $1092 per ounce. It ended 2010 at $1422 an ounce for a one-year gain of 30%. What other investment returned 30% last year? Gold stocks , of course, did even better, …

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Ventura Lawsuit: TSA Pat-Downs Classify as ‘Unlawful Sexual Abuse’

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Ventura Lawsuit: TSA Pat-Downs Classify as ‘Unlawful Sexual Abuse’

Aaron Dykes Infowars.com January 25, 2011 Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is suing the TSA and Homeland Security for humiliating and ‘offensive’ pat-down procedures he’s been subjected to during airport security checks that included ‘warrantless, non-suspicion-based offensive touching, gripping and rubbing of the genital and other sensitive areas of his body.’ Ventura, who had a hip replacement procedure in 2008, says he was unduly targeted due to his disability. His lawsuit , filed yesterday in Minnesota, claims the pat-downs violated his privacy, his 4th Amendment right and legally meet ‘the definition for an unlawful sexual assault’.” Alex Jones, who traveled with Ventura last September during the production of his “Conspiracy Theory” TV show over the course of multiple flights, witnessed the former governor being groped and inappropriately touched in a pat-down procedure that Ventura faces everytime he travels. “That’s why I want to leave the United States,” Ventura had told Jones at the time. “This is why I go down to Mexico– this is wrong.” But Jones says Ventura was even more upset everytime he witnessed some old man in a wheelchair harassed or manhandled by the TSA, without any basis for suspecting them. That’s when Ventura first revealed his thoughts of suing the TSA. In November, Ventura went on the Alex Jones Show and vowed never to fly commercially again until TSA reversed its policies. Part of Ventura’s suit includes a complaint about violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act , whereby he says TSA has unduly selected numerous disabled passengers for secondary screening and potential harassment without cause. Ventura, who travels frequently for his job hosting a TruTV program when he isn’t in Mexico, further commented that he would ‘no longer be forced by the TSA to prove he is not a criminal or terrorist.’ Ventura lamented on Jones’ program. “It probably means an end to my career,” referring to his difficulties with air travel. He’s not alone, as representatives from the travel, airline and tourism industry have already met with Big Sis to lobby DHS to back off of the enhanced pat-downs that caused a traveler backlash in the fall and what they say are more than 41 million travelers who ‘avoided’ flights and didn’t spend an estimated $9 billion in travel sales. (ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW) Ventura’s attorney, David Olsen, told KSTP in Minnesota “The security procedures are going too far. There’s a line somewhere and he believes that line has been crossed.” Steve Wagstaffe, then D.A.-elect, now current D.A. of San Mateo County, California, stated in November 2010 that he and his deputies would be patrolling San Francisco International Airport for possible violations by TSA staff and would prosecute any employees engaged in “lewd and lascivious behavior” while conducting pat-downs. He further noted that groping of travelers’ genitals, even if backed by TSA policy, amounted to a felony offense. The TSA recently settled with an Amarillo, Texas woman whose breasts were exposed by TSA employees who then laughed at the matter. Stock up with Fresh Food that lasts with eFoodsDirect Jesse Ventura is reportedly working with the press from Mexico and should be appearing on the Alex Jones Show in the near future.

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Vancouver, British Columbia – January 21, 2011 (Investorideas.com Mining stocks Newswire) – Mr. Frank J. Basa reports: Gold Bullion Development Corp. (GBB, TSX.V) (the “Company” or ” Gold Bullion “) is pleased to report that Phase 2 …

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