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Market Wrap-Up for Feb.4 (AET, WY, MA, K, SPG, AVB, more)

Talk about a confusing jobs number this morning! The estimates were for 150K new jobs, but instead the number came in at 36K. Yet the unemployment rate fell from 9.5% to 9%. Now I consider myself to be pretty good at math, but what formula was used to come up with these results? The market certainly didn’t have any trouble with the number as an afternoon rally pushed up to finish higher on the day. Aetna ( AET ) and Weyerhaeuser ( WY ) received some love from buyers following earnings results. Aetna also raised their dividend payout from $.05 to $.60 on an annualized basis. That’s certainly a bit more of respectable payout from this health insurance giant. Mastercard ( MA ) and Kellogg ( K ) continued to see upside from yesterday’s earnings results as well. On the downside today were REITs following results that failed to excite investors. Simon Property Group ( SPG ) and AvalonBay Communities ( AVB ) paced the way lower. Be sure to check out the list of 10 dividend stocks we removed from our recommended list if you did not read the e-mail alert that we sent out earlier. As I mentioned yesterday, I am just starting my preparation for national radio interviews for my upcoming Be a Dividend Millionaire book as well as discussions on dividend investing, and of course Dividend.com. Yesterday afternoon, I had my initial interview with my media team. The process is to identify key areas of discussion for my future interviews as well as pointers to make the interviews as captivating as possible. I’m not sure how long the interviews will be, so you need to have game plans to hit all your key points in whatever time is allotted. One of the people I was working with yesterday afternoon is a baby boomer who is worried about not having enough income built up for her retirement. What I did was point her to our Compounding Interest Calculator , and by the end of the call, she said I’d inspired her and given her hope! Think about this example: you are just about to turn 50 years old and have not yet saved a dime (it’s quite common – check out the data below that was just released by the Harris Poll just yesterday). Believe it or not, even at 50, you still…

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Anticipating a Budget Deficit

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I am constantly amazed at the number of people who think that a budget deficit is the same thing as the total federal deficit, which it ain’t. Actually, I remember one time early in my career where I was so desperate to cover up the results of my own incompetence that I tried to exploit Anticipating a Budget Deficit originally appeared in the Daily Reckoning . Recent articles featured in The Daily Reckoning include the impact of quantitative easing and US debt .

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Julian Assange wined and dined at US Embassy

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Andrew Gilligan London Telegraph Dec 13, 2010 To the United States, Julian Assange may now be Public Enemy Number One. Some American politicians have even called for his execution. But less than a year ago, the founder of WikiLeaks was officially entertained at a US Embassy cocktail party by one of the very diplomats whose secrets he would soon spill to the world. At the reception, held at the US ambassador’s residence in Reykjavik, Iceland, Mr Assange chatted with Sam Watson, the embassy’s deputy chief of mission. He was already sitting on dozens of Mr Watson’s classified cables at the time of the December party, including embarrassing details about America’s and Britain’s role following the collapse of Iceland’s banks which were later published to widespread outrage in the local media. Full article here Stock up for the Holidays with eFoods Direct and get FREE Shipping!

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Investment Manager Sentiment Remains Bullish

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The National Association of Active Investment Managers released its weekly sentiment index. Every week the NAAIM asks is members to report their total equity exposure. This number is used as a contrary index. Generally, you want to be …

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Northwest Pipe Company (NASDAQ:NWPX) Restatement Size Weighs on Them

Northwest Pipe Company (NASDAQ:NWPX) continues to work under the weight of the restatements they made for the third quarters of 2009 and 2010. Jefferies said, “NWPX has recently filed financial statements for 3Q09 to 3Q10, and restated prior years’ results. Its accounting may be resolved but we are concerned over the sizes of some restatements and the number of them, and their implications for

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Number of People Living on New York Streets Soars

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The Bloomberg administration said Friday that the number of people living on New York’s streets and subways soared 34 percent in a year, signaling a setback in one of the city’s most intractable problems.

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Insider Trading – All SEC filings from September 24, 2010

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Insider Buying, Insider Selling? All September 24, 2010 insider trading activity is located here. Data included: Ticker Symbol Issuer Insider Name Number

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ASA Staffing Index Improving

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   I like to follow the ASA’s weekly staffing index because it provides a timely indication of changes to the number of people employed in temporary and contract work. Theoretically, a surge in temporary hiring has been a leading indicat…

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Fall in Unemployment Benefit Claims in the US

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In the present week, the US economy saw a steady decline in the number of claims for unemployment benefits. In view of this decline, Thursday morning showed stocks at relatively higher prices, bringing some respite to the market’s worries about the s…

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More Group Tours Heading To Macau

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The Statistics and Census Service of the Macau Government has announced that the number of tourists in groups reached 489,000 in June 2010, which is 1.67 times more last year, when the H1N1 flu reduced the number of arrivals. In June, the number of mai…

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Wall Street: The First Hindenburg Omen Confirmed

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The feared Hindenburg Omen was Thursday confirmed in the US stock market as the number of new highs was 136, and new lows was at 69, according to The Wall Street Journal’s interactive Market Data Center. “The more confirmations, the scarier it gets fro…

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China moves to expand Gold market | Live Stock Trading News …

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China moved to liberalize its Gold market thus increasing the number of banks allowed to trade Gold Bullion internationally and announcing measures that will.

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