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The Mother of All Bailouts: FRE and FNM

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As every magician who has ever lived knows, illusions create our world. Even David Copperfield himself is willing to admit that “real” magical powers are the stuff in the best-selling Harry Potter novels. Copperfield explains that what he does is nothing more than a masterfully performed mirage which, when done properly, can make you believe that the Statue of Liberty has suddenly disappeared. It works because the magician is a master manipulator. He only lets you see what he wants you to see. By keeping other things hidden out of sight, the magician blurs the reality of an audience that deep down inside wants to believe in the possibilities. The ruse complete, the audience leaves dumbfounded by the elaborate illusion. Reality has been transformed — at least temporarily. Advertisement An Airplane Mechanic’s 843% Profit Secret By sheer luck, one working class man from Minnesota discovered a “kickback” strategy that turned his $35K retirement fund into a hefty $295,050 nest egg in a little under 2 years… But now his secret is ours — and our readers have already started to make 100% legal “kickbacks” of as much as 793%, 846%, even 3,475% or more from this reliable strategy. Click here now to learn why we’re no longer keeping this profit trick hush-hush… It’s only later that we find out that the statue hasn’t moved an inch; that the lovely assistant hasn’t really been sliced in half. In short, it’s a scam writ large. And the bigger the lie, the bigger the box office. Buy hey, at least it’s entertaining— if only for a few moments. Freddie and Fannie: The mother of all bailouts Unfortunately, the same thing can’t be said for Uncle Sam’s act involving Fannie Mae (NYSE: FNM ) and Freddie Mac (NYSE: FRE ). Instead of making this problem disappear, there is real bloodshed taking place behind the velvet curtain as the ultimate illusion of them all — the housing bubble— continues to blow up in everyone’s faces. More trick than treat, it’s the gift that never stops giving. And while the federal government will do anything to keep you from peeking, the truth behind this curtain cannot be hidden forever. Before this show ends, the housing bailout will the…

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“What in the World are They Spraying?” – Official Trailer

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Reality Zone | The Reality Zone is producing a documentary that explores the murky world of atmospheric geo-engineering, commonly called chemtrails.

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Obama’s Ex-Auto Czar Says GM May Have Stretched Truth About Loan Repayment

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President Obama’s former auto czar has nothing but praise for General Motors’ new chief executive, Ed Whitacre, but he acknowledged this week that the auto giant may have “slightly elasticized the reality of things” by airing an ad claiming it had repaid its government loans “in full.” WRH permalink

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Obamacare in Cloud Cuckoo Land

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Obamacare in Cloud Cuckoo Land Examiner Editorial January 21, 2010 When the majority of voters in the bluest of blue states elects a candidate opposed to Obamacare to fill the Senate seat previously held by the man who was that proposal's most prominent supporter, there is a clear message: You lost because of what you've been doing for the past year, so stop doing it. Incredibly, President Obama's political brain trusts and his most powerful allies on Capitol Hill don't understand this reality. Witness Obama adviser David Axelrod saying of Republican Scott Brown's victory in Tuesday's special election: “I think… Original Article: Forum: News/Activism

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U.S. Mortgage Crisis to get MUCH Worse in 2011

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The so-called U.S. news outlets are again talking about a “bottom” in the U.S. housing market – and trying to entice more victims to jump in. However, the reality is that mortgage statistics show that the collapse in the U.S. real estate market will continue to get worse until at least 2011. Words: 413

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El Erian: Markets not facing reality of slow economy

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“You come to the conclusion that the market simply hasn’t priced in the reality of what we talk about every single day,” said El-Erian in this video clip.

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The Relative Reality

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The Relative Reality

Norways leading bank DnB NOR resently made a statement saying that my desciption of their Balitc daugher bank as a “lab rat” for strucured finance, hidden from the balance sheet so no one can estimate the real risk in the bank’s system, is an allogation that is “not grounded in reality”.  I guess the reality

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