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Gates rules out idea of ‘containing’ nuclear-armed Iran

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US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Sunday refused to address the notion of having to contain a nuclear armed Iran, saying US efforts were aimed at preventing it from acquiring atomic weapons. “I don’t think we’re prepared to even talk about containing a nuclear Iran. I think… our view still is we do not accept the idea of Iran having nuclear weapons,” he said in an interview with Fox News Sunday. WRH permalink

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US demands N. Korea be made to pay for ‘provocations’

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AFP June 6, 2010 The United States demanded North Korea pay a price for allegedly sinking a South Korean warship even as Washington and its Asian allies brace for possible “provocations” by the Pyongyang regime. In a show of solidarity, US, Japanese and South Korean defence chiefs met in Singapore to discuss punitive steps against North Korea as the UN Security Council prepares to take up the crisis triggered by the sinking of the Cheonan. US Defense Secretary Robert Gates told his counterparts that “it’s important we have a unified front to deter further provocations,” his press secretary, Geoff Morrell, told reporters. While condemning North Korea’s alleged torpedo attack, which left 46 South Korean sailors dead, Washington and Seoul have called for calm and avoided talk of a military response. Full article here

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Gates: runaway military spending may affect war plans

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ABILENE, Kansas (Reuters) – Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the U.S. military on Saturday it must rein in spending that he called out of sync with today’s tough economic times, and said budget woes could be a factor in deciding whether to use force against Iran and others. Promising to

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Iran, the US and the UN Nuclear Conference

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US Defence Secretary Robert Gates told a US Navy conference on Monday that Iran was challenging US naval power in the Middle East through its build up of anti-ship missiles, mines and speedboats. Gates employed the term “asymmetric” to obscure the fact that Iran’s military is dwarfed by that of the US, including the huge presence of troops, warplanes and warships in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the region. The continued warnings of an Iranian military threat serve only one purpose: to justify any future US attack. WRH permalink

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Top Marine says gays would get their own rooms

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WASHINGTON — The Marine Corps commandant said he won’t force his troops to bunk with gays on base and would give them separate rooms if Congress votes to allow openly gay service. The comment by Gen. James Conway is the latest pushback by a small but vocal faction of senior military leaders opposed to a repeal of the 1993 law known as “don’t ask, don’t tell.” President Barack Obama says the ban is unfair, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates has launched a study to determine how to allow gays to serve openly without hurting military effectiveness. Among the questions to… Original Article: Forum: News/Activism

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US ponders denying Israel arms needed for Iran war

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Press TV Sunday, March 14, 2010 With Israel making apparent efforts to build a case for war on Tehran, the Obama administration reportedly considers denying Tel Aviv the military items needed for an attack on Iranian nuclear sites. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak had reportedly required the urgent delivery of a long list of US-made military equipment, including systems needed by the Israeli Air Force, certain types of missiles and advanced electronic war equipment; military sources told DEBKA on conditions of anonymity. During a recent visit to Washington, Barak had reportedly criticized his hosts for stalling the delivery of the military items for the past three months, during which Israel was making preparations for a strike on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. (ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW) It is absolutely essential for these items to reach Israel before a military flare-up occurred in the region, Barak said, to such extent that if they could not be supplied to Israel at short notice, they should at least be held ready in emergency stores in US bases in the Negev desert in Israel. The Negev desert is home to Israel’s Dimona nuclear site, which is said to be the main source of plutonium for Tel Aviv’s nuclear weapons program. DEBKA, which is closely affiliated with the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, said US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has refused to follow up on Israeli calls to this day. Full story here.

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Obama rebrands occupation of Iraq

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ABC News has learned that the Obama administration has decided to give the war in Iraq — currently known as Operation Iraqi Freedom — a new name. The new name: “Operation New Dawn.” In a February 17, 2010, memo to the Commander of Central Command, Gen. David Petraeus, Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the “requested operation name

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Gates: No Deal On Iran Nukes

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ANKARA, Turkey – U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Saturday dismissed assertions by the Iranian government that it was nearing a deal with the international community on its nuclear program and said a “different tack” may be needed. Following meetings with senior Turkish officials, Gates told reporters that if Iran was serious about handing over its uranium it would be working with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Original Article: Forum: News/Activism

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Extra U.S. troops not likely to arrive in time in case of N.K. crisis: Gates

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Additional U.S. ground forces may not be able to arrive in South Korea in time in case of an emergency situation in North Korea due to America's heavy commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan, senior U.S. officials said Wednesday. “We could not get the Army units required for South Korea into South Korea on the time line required by the plan,” Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee. “That's not to say they wouldn't get there. It's just that they wouldn't get there as quickly because of the commitments that we have in Iraq… Original Article: Forum: News/Activism

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The Case Against Gays in the Military

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As expected, President Obama pledged during his State of the Union address to “work with Congress and our military to finally repeal the law that denies gay -snip- The law codified regulations in effect before President Bill Clinton's inauguration, making the historical prohibition against military service for homosexuals a matter of statute. As Secretary of Defense Robert Gates observed in June of last year, “What we have is a law, not a policy or regulation. -snip- Favoritism and double standards are deadly to philia and its associated phenomena—cohesion, morale and discipline—are absolutely critical -snip- The presence of open homosexuals in… Original Article: Forum: News/Activism

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