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Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave Theory: Dow Set to Tumble to 8,000

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U.S. stocks could sink by more than 20 percent if the neckline of a head-and-shoulders pattern on the Dow Jones Industrial Average is breached, according to Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave International Inc. Words: 524

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Face to face with Robert Shiller on houses, economy

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In this video clip, Robert Shiller, Professor of Economics at Yale University, sits down with Simon Constable of WSJ to discuss the sharp falloff in home sales, the likelihood of a double-dip recession and what the Federal Reserve should do to stimulate the U.S. economy.

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Ivanhoe’s (NYSE:IVN) Friedland Marketing Up the Company

It’s no secret Ivanhoe (NYSE:IVN) is looking for even more financing for its Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia, and Ivanhoe Chairman Robert Friedland has been seen a lot in the news lately letting people know about the incredible project they have in Oyu. He’s been making some interesting comments a la Richard Branson to get the Ivanhoe brand stuck in the minds of potential investors. Even though he

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Gates rules out idea of ‘containing’ nuclear-armed Iran

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US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Sunday refused to address the notion of having to contain a nuclear armed Iran, saying US efforts were aimed at preventing it from acquiring atomic weapons. “I don’t think we’re prepared to even talk about containing a nuclear Iran. I think… our view still is we do not accept the idea of Iran having nuclear weapons,” he said in an interview with Fox News Sunday. WRH permalink

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In Japan, U.S. Losing Diplomatic Ground to China

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When Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates visited Japan’s new leaders in October, not long after their historic election, he pressed so hard and so publicly for a military base agreement that the Japanese news media labeled him a bully. WRH permalink

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Director Admits ‘Machete’ Went Too Far; ‘Race War’ Scenes to Be Cut; State is Funding Film

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Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes | Alex Jones responds to the admission by director Robert Rodriguez that some scenes in the racially-incendiary film ‘Machete’ proved ‘too real’ in light of recent events relating to the illegal immigration issue.

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BBC Interview with Robert Amsterdam on Crisis in Thailand

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Click here to listen to a brief interview with Robert Amsterdam on the tragic crisis unfolding in Bangkok, Thailand on the BBC.

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U.S. stock markets will shed gains swiftly: Prechter

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Another deflationary wave of global credit strains, heralded by the Greek debt crisis, will broadly punish riskier assets, technical analyst Robert Prechter said on Friday. WRH permalink

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Video: CNN Interview with Robert Amsterdam in Bangkok

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In this CNN report on this weekend’s violence in Bangkok, Robert Amsterdam is interviewed inside the Red Shirt encampment (at about 2:15).

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The Temporary Thai-ification of This Blog

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Given the serious political crisis unraveling in Thailand and the fact that Robert Amsterdam is currently on the ground in Bangkok, we are planning to publish quite a lot of related content on this space in the coming days until a new platform…

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Gates: runaway military spending may affect war plans

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ABILENE, Kansas (Reuters) – Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the U.S. military on Saturday it must rein in spending that he called out of sync with today’s tough economic times, and said budget woes could be a factor in deciding whether to use force against Iran and others. Promising to

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According to Asia expert Robert Hsu, “I don’t think mining stocks are the way to go anymore with gold. The purest way to participate in a gold bullion rally without the logistical hassles of buying the yellow metal directly is through …

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