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Gold Prices Fall Today on Stronger US Dollar Slowing Demand

A stronger US dollar has some investors looking to the greenback as an alternative place of safety rather than gold, and gold prices today have fallen by $11.60, to $1,199.80 an ounce, as of 12:20 PM EDT. The US dollar has risen today against a basket of six major currencies. Gold is holding better against foreign currencies today than it is against the US dollar, so some have recommended

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Gold Futures Crushed as Investors Go to Treasurys

Investors today, who have been extremely fickle lately, have chosen to go to Treasurys as a place of safety rather than gold, driving the price of gold today down by $34.70, or $1,207.70 an ounce, as of 1:03 PM EDT.Economic data has painted a ominous portrait of economic conditions, and it’s weighing strongly on investors. Uncertainty about inflationary or deflationary pressures also influences

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