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CLIMATEGATE – Rudd throws more billions down a hole in the ground

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AUSTRALIA’S focus for slowing climate change – the planned storage of power-station carbon dioxide emissions – has been dismissed by a US study as “profoundly non-feasible’’. WRH permalink

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Govt orders Bukit Asam to drop planned joint venture

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The State-Owned Enterprises Ministry has ordered mining giant PT Bukit Asam (PTBA) to drop a plan to build a railway line in Sumatra with local and Chinese partners.Minister Mustafa Abubakar said Friday the planned joint venture with PT Transpacific Govt orders Bukit Asam to drop planned joint venture

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Iceland’s PM asks IMF to continue aid programme

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I would like to emphasise that the Economic Programme in co-operation with the IMF should continue without interruption, even though a solution to the Icesave matter will be postponed because of the planned national referendum, Sigurdardottir wrote Iceland’s PM asks IMF to continue aid programme

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State, University employees could end up with IOUs in paycheck in 2010

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State and university employees could wind up with IOUs in their pay envelopes instead of checks in February if the planned sale of state buildings hits a snag, state Treasurer Dean Martin warned Monday. And that could leave worker with a piece of paper that won’t help them buy food for their families, pay the mortgage or heat their homes. Original Article: Forum: News/Activism

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