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Gold Prices Shine for Eighth Straight Quarter

For the eighth quarter in a row gold prices have ended in positive territory, as everything which supports gold remains in place. Adding to the recent push is the realization we’re still in a recession, and a long way from emerging from it. That means the inevitable interference of the government via quantitative easing, where they waste money by attempting to throw it at the problem again, even

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A Quick Apology About The Web Site Today

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I apologize for the problem that we all experienced today when the site failed to load. This is part of the message I received during the day: “Good news, just got the owner of my host on his personal cell phone. The problem is 2 transformers on roof of datacenter in New Jersey, even the backup power

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The latest on the Infamous BP Saga, the well could be gushing more than 2.9 million gallons of oil daily

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By Mike Zaman The federal government after nearly (2) months has finally become upset over BP’s failure to contain the oil gushing from it’s blown out well in the Gulf Coast. The true depth of the problem is only now beginning to emerge. Oil analysts and company executives had previously acknowledged that their test results from a

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California Immigration Policy Comparable to New Arizona Law

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“The ICE agent might want to come down there and pick up and deport those suspected to be illegally in the country, but they’re not allowed by their superiors. So that’s really where the problem is, it’s not with the agents in the field.” Tim Donnelly, Republican candidate, 59th District Assembly and founder of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of California WRH permalink

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Russia Ready To Assist To Resolve Tibet Issue

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Addressing the Federation Council, Russia’s upper house of parliament, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said if all the parties to the conflict made sincere efforts to separate purely “pastoral” contacts from politics, this could bring about a solution to the problem, and Moscow was ready to assist in this regard. China, which has always claimed Tibet as its territory, condemns world leaders who meet with the Dalai Lama as it accuses the Tibetan monk of heading a separatist movement seeking independence for Tibet. WRH permalink

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Bailout Euphoria Is Evaporating

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Bailout Euphoria Is Evaporating

Chief markets economist Kevin Gaynor  of RBS says the E.U.’s strategy  is “Bailouts rather than integration”. It is not solving the problem, E.U.  are just throwing money at it. Marek Belke, the E.U.  head at the IMF, compare the rescue package to a dose of morphine with the purpose to stabilize the patient. The real

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American Military Burn Pits Pose Risk to Future Generations of Afghans

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The American military continues to operate burn pits in Afghanistan eighteen months after the U.S. Congress banned their use. See the February 1, 2010, article by Lindsay Wise and Lise Olsen of the Houston Chronicle. They used the burn pit at Camp Taji in Iraq as an example. It continues to open-burn 120 tons of waste each day. This provides a glimpse as to the volume of waste that is being illegally burned on American bases every day. Multiple that times hundreds of bases and posts in Afghanistan, and factor in that it has occurred every day for the past nine years and the scope of the problem becomes evident. WRH permalink

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Death of High-Frequency Trading?

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Discussing the future of high-frequency trading and whether the technology is part of the problem, with Irene Aldridge, Able Alpha Trading; Joe Saluzzi, Themis Trading; and CNBC’s Rick Santelli. Death of High-Frequency Trading?

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Gold Price Swings Continue on Sovereign Debt Concerns

Gold Price Swings With the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, and the euro under extraordinary downward pressure, gold prices will probably experience even more price swings than before as concerns over where it all will end continue. Europe is obviously holding its cards close to its chest, and aren’t letting out how deep the problem really is, but the markets seem to be saying they think it’s

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Federal Government Intrusion & Failed Economic Policy

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The US Government has invested billions into “job creating” activities. They’ve done a terrible job and have by-far cost us more than the tiny gains we may have made. I’ve noticed everyone running for office has been talking about jobs and job creation and I have yet to see anyone offer actual solutions. I’ve tried to offer some valuable ideas which still hold true but we need to look at the root of the problem because if we don’t, even things like eliminating the corporate income tax won’t bring jobs back. Those of you who I have met on the… Original Article: Forum: News/Activism

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The Problem With Democracy

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The poor Venezuelans. But that’s the problem with democracy. Everyone gets what the majority of voters deserve. They voted for Chavez. Now, they have to pay for it. The lawfully elected (insofar as these things are ever lawful) government of Venezuela cut the value of its currency in half. That was only a week or so The Problem With Democracy originally appeared in the Daily Reckoning . The Daily Reckoning, a FREE daily e-letter, offers a “uniquely refreshing” perspective on the global economy, investing, and today’s markets.

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In recent years, maritime shipping companies, private security firms and navies around the globe have pondered the problem of high-seas piracy off Africa’s east coast, where more than 150 merchant ships have been attacked by small craft in 2009 alone. What to do? … … Imagine an aquatic drone, a remote-controlled boat that could patrol the waters off eastern Africa and allow threats to be assessed and engaged from a distance. This is an idea proposed by Timothy P. Sheridan, an American arms dealer … His latest venture is called Maritime Defense Systems International, LLC., which offers an automated counterpiracy… Original Article: Forum: News/Activism

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