Spree Killers, the Second Amendment, and Those Damned Guns

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Looks like the First Amendment is safe for now…sorta… The Second, however, is in the hot seat again. Everyone is cottoning onto the fact that Jared Loughner was just a nut. Political affiliation is questionable or just plain negligible. It’s getting too hard to blame the limited government and anti-government rhetoric. Even Obama rose above political divisiveness on this one. So now that free speech is no longer being blamed, it’s time to turn our attention back to those damned guns. Loughner would very likely have ended up attacking people no matter which books he had read. The man had already made his psychotic break from morality… But if only guns weren’t available, comes the cry! Then these psychopaths couldn’t do as much harm as they do… A reader sent this: “Gary, “You write, “‘Gun-ownership supporters are getting the usual flack.’ “And so they should. “The time is ripe for the repeal of the Second Amendment. “In Australia 10 years or so ago, we had a psycho gun down a dozen people with an automatic rifle. “The government brought in sweeping powers to reduce the number of guns and make access to guns extremely difficult. “We’re a safer community because of it. Lunatics can’t get access to any gun, let alone the Arnie type. “The guns any of the people who were killed or injured the other day were not sufficient to protect them. They never were. “We didn’t need the guns in the days of the Wild West. It just encouraged thugs, criminals, and lunatics on horses to run amok. Hollywood’s glamorization of the Wild West has jaundiced our view of this mayhem. “We don’t need them now. It still just encourages thugs, criminals and lunatics to run amok killing and injuring innocent people. “Do you carry a gun?” Not right now. But I do have access to cars and knives… Consider Japan, where no one has a gun, yet insane people occasionally kill several strangers en masse with a simple kitchen knife…or with the combination of a vehicle and a dagger. In 2001 in Ikeda, Japan, eight children were killed and 15 people injured in Japan’s worst school tragedy when a middle-aged man with a history of mental illness went on a stabbing rampage at an elementary…

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Spree Killers, the Second Amendment, and Those Damned Guns

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